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A brief summary (main detailed piece further below) Luke, Phasma, Ackbar, and Snoke survive Leia, Maz Kanata, and either Finn or Rose die Holdo and Canto Bight don't happen All main characters get storylines that are truer to their characters and provide better character development Far more climatic Battle of Crait (in Part 2/2 due to character limit) Many plot holes fixed For the most part, I have compiled the best parts of various other TLJ fixes I have found across the internet, which I have incorporated with my own ideas, to create one continuity. The section that contains the highest proportion of my own ideas is the Battle of Crait. I have sourced and/or italicised the ideas that are not my own, and only use extracts because said sources either contained parts I chose not to include, which I cut (cut sections in the middle of extracts are marked by ‘…) or werent in storyline order and thus needed to be rearranged among other extracts from different sources. I cut said sections because I either didnt think they improved the movie compared to alternatives from other sources, or they were explaining why TLJ was bad / why the improvement is good, which, while important, have no place in this particular fan fiction. The only exceptions were when the wording of the extracts prevented this without losing meaning. Beginning An extract from Fear_of_Networkings post: “We need some time for that training to occur and for Kylo Ren to heal from his injuries. But weve also been promised that the action with Luke and Rey will pick up right where TFA ended, with the outstretched hand offering Anakins lightsaber. Im aware of the traditional first shot featuring a capital ship. With that in mind, the simple solution would have been to (i) start with a First Order capital ship and a command session where Hux and Snoke and others are discussing the need to find the Resistance base (could also show the injured Kylo Ren here) ” including the first throne room scene from the movie where Snoke shouts at Kylo for losing against untrained Rey, but without Kylo destroying his mask. “then (ii) go to Ach-to and spend some time with Luke and Rey, and (iii) alternate scenes of Reys training on Ach-to with scenes of Kylo Rens recovery and training. An extract from Star Wars Theorys video: Were brought to the planet of Ach-to, where we see the beautiful ocean as Rey moves to hand an aged Luke Skywalker the lightsaber of his father. As Luke looks at it, stunned and bewildered, he takes the weapon, his mechanical hand shaking. Observing it, he looks down at it as tears swell within his eyes, mumbling something to himself that Rey cant make out. Luke says through fought back tears “father”. As he looks up at Rey, a single tear streaming down his weathered, hairy face, he asks her “who are you? ” As Rey tells him shes been sent here by his sister Leia to help fight the First Order and lead the resistance as a beacon of hope, he looks down and shakes his head slowly, staring at the historic weapon. “I… I cant”. As she looks confused watching him walk past her, pocketing his old lightsaber, she follows him to his hut. “Why wont you help us? The Galaxy needs you” she says. “I need more time, Im not ready” as Luke turns to speak, he sees the Millennium Falcon far below. Turning to Rey, he begins to trust her immediately. “Did you come alone? ” he asked. “Wheres Han? Wheres Chewie? ” As she moves to point, he runs past her and hugs Chewbacca, both of them emotional, having not seen one another for decades. As Luke looks up with a warm smile at his old friend, he makes a joke about Han being out of shape and taking forever to climb the steps. As Rey and Chewie fall silent, Luke steps backwards, a look of concern dawning over his face. “Wheres Han? ” As Rey begins to explain he silences her and looks to Chewie. “Chewie? Wheres Han? ” As Chewie speaks Wookie, Luke falls to the ground, crying tears harder than he can remember, as Chewie pulls him up and cries with him, explaining that Ben Solo has turned to the dark side fully, and is the cause of Hans death, as a means of providing his loyalty to Snoke. Luke begins to cry, this time not with sadness, but with rage. Every single hut around them begins to shake as stones fall and clouds begin to circle in the skies, lightning crackling from above as the ground they stand on begins to separate. Chewie lets out a massive roar to bring Luke back to his senses before he unleashes powers he kept dormant for decades in exile. As he stops his sobbing, he turns to Rey, the anger in his eyes beginning to swell, when all goes silent and he says “Wheres Ben? ” Fear_of_Networking: “Much the way the Empire was searching for the rebels in ESB, the First Order should be searching for the Resistance at the outset of TLJ. Star Killer Base has just been destroyed; the First Order must be dead set on finding the Resistance wherever they are and trying to snuff them out before they gain increased momentum. The galaxy must be in total chaos right now – the government of the Republic has just been obliterated, the First Order has suffered a heavy, heavy loss of resources, and denizens of the galaxy must be reeling. The First Order should be concerned that the Resistance will grow, so they should be frantic to find them and exact retribution for the destruction of Starkiller Base and end them altogether. The First Order should not use probe droids to try to locate the Resistance base because that would be too reminiscent of ESB; instead, they should be conducting in-person intelligence gathering. ” One possibility for this is that the First Order capture Maz Kanata, and interrogate her like they did Poe in TFA. This could even fail because she is very strong willed and hates the First Order even more than before after they destroyed her castle and killed Han in TFA, so Kylo loses his temper and ends up killing her. Following this failure – Fear_of_Networking: “ANOTHER IDEA would have del Toro”, working for the First Order, “next appear in a different disguise to join the Resistance on the planet they are evacuating at the beginning of TLJ, so that he becomes a part of the Resistance group that we will follow for the rest of the movie. ” He would then inform the First Order of the whereabouts of the Resistance base as an undercover spy. The Battle of Dqar The battle above Dqar happens quite differently. We saw in TFA that realistic holograms now exist, as they were used to depict Snoke on Starkiller Base. Therefore, it doesnt seem unlikely that the Resistance would have some of this technology as well. Initially, the dreadnought targets the base instead of the fleet because the Resistance set up a projector at the base to unconventionally create realistic holograms of dozens of fleets, all going in different directions. While the First Order can tell that holograms are being used, they cant identify which specific one is genuine because the powerful deflector shields on the real ships prevent effective internal scanning, such as by blocking thermal signatures. Once they fire on the base, causing all but the real fleet to disappear, the Resistance know that the main cannon on the dreadnought will have a long cooldown. While Leia simply wants to jump to light speed once they are outside the planets gravity well, Poe, like in the movie, disobeys orders to go after the dreadnought, knowing that shed rather go along with it than watch him die alone. They once again use holograms, this time emitted from the cruiser itself, and of Poes fighter. This allows him to take out the turrets of the dreadnought while they are in disorientation shooting at each of the holograms. Fear_of_Networking: “Across all media sources and 35 years, we have never seen bombers that have to slowly come into position directly “over” their targets in space before “dropping” payloads. While its true bombers did this in ESB, thats because they were propelling bombs down into shafts in the asteroids, and there was no indication that was the only way the payloads could be delivered. Theres no reason to introduce this silly concept now. Stick with the traditional rules of the Star Wars universe. TLJ could still introduce a new kind of bomber ship, and the bombers could still be slow and vulnerable such that they need lots of protection as they approach a capital ship. Poe should still defy orders, and Roses sister could still be the last surviving bomber who … delivers her payload before getting blown away” Poe also defends the last bomber from TIE fighters desperately trying to shoot and later kamikaze into the last remaining bomber before it can reach the dreadnought. The scene where Snoke slams Hux to the floor still takes place. An extract from Margo Whitlocks article: “We are told, briefly, that her sister Paige sacrificed herself for the Resistance and apparently Rian Johnson thinks thats enough to make us feel for her. Too bad we never get any scenes of Rose and her sister interacting. Seriously, even one scene of sisterly interaction would give us reason enough to care about these characters and about Paiges death. And she shouldnt have stunned Finn either” Fear_of_Networking: “So the only thing that needs to happen is for one of the Resistance ships to be tagged with a tracker during the battle at the evacuation. As for trapping the Resistance in space and negating their ability to escape via jumping to hyperspace, for like 30 years the Star Wars universe has already featured an Imperial tactic to prevent ships from escaping via the jump to hyperspace – interdictor cruisers. So the way I would rework the slow-speed chase is that, after the evacuation battle, the Resistance ships jump to hyperspace, emerge, and begin to regroup. Repairs and strategy sessions are ongoing for several days. Kylos subplot Star Wars Theory: “Kylos ship blasts past the camera, speeding towards Mustafar. He enters the atmosphere, landing on none other than Darth Vaders castle. As the ships door opens and Kylo, masked, comes before the massive door to Darth Vaders fortress, he bows, as we get an aerial shot of just how massive it is compared to him. Reaching out and using the force to open the door, he is denied, as only Vaders presence could open the gates themselves. Looking to a ball that rests on a small pillar, Kylo realises that this was intended for Vaders massive robotic height. The writing, he recognised it. He knew what he had to do. Grabbing a knife from his belt, he slit his palm and allowed the sacred Skywalker blood to drip down into the basin, recognising that he was the heir to the throne. As the doors began to open, he realised that this must have been some sort of fail-safe, for if Vader couldnt open the doors himself someday. As he enters inside, the lights begin to dim on, cold, dark, and mysterious. He looks to the left, the far left – Arbish writing inscribed on the wall – red temple. Seeing stairs that led down a spiral stone staircase, he walks to it, determined, his footsteps echoing in the massive grand hall, of his grandfathers castle. … Returning to Mustafar, we see Kylo in Vaders dungeons, where his sith temple was located beneath the castle itself, surrounded by rivers of lava and cliffs leading to the planets very core, he is surrounded by the ancient belongings of his grandfather. Walking past duplicates of his suit propped like an armoury, he observes the ancient sith holocrons scattered about, hoping to find what he was looking for, in search of something he has wanted for a long time, hoping it even exists here, to this day. He begins to become impatient, the dark side swelling further within him. As he hears a whisper, when he quickly turns to his left. No, it must have just been an echo, he thought to himself. When he hears the whisper of his name again in the cave below. As he walks to the opening, seeing nothing but darkness, he ignites his flickering red lightsaber and puts it in front of him, as he hears a woman call to him. This voice, it was a voice he had never heard before, but, as if he knew who it was. It was soft, and beautiful. The voice of his own mother didnt sound so angelic. Moving through the cave itself, unsure of anything, just like his future, he used the crimson glow of his weapon as a guide. As he came to a wall, he began to become very impatient. A cave leading to nowhere, he thought. The voice, it vanished, but yet something still pulled him to this spot, to stay here. “Feel” the voice, there it was again, but this time, it was a man. He did not recognise this voice either. It was powerful, heroic. He wanted to hear it again. “Who are you? Speak to me. I order you to speak! ” Feel? What did that mean? Kylo thought. As he sheathed his weapon, the blackness of the cave swallowing him like a nightmare, Kylo was not afraid. He reached out with his arm, fingers turning the force to its very tune, like a dial. The grandson of Skywalker was surely gifted with the force itself. As a small platform shaped box began to slide out from the caves wall, illuminating the cave with a dim light that attracted Kylo to see what was inside. Feeling the rage building within him, this nonsense of the time being wasted, he saw that it was nothing more than just a necklace. A misshapen wooden square, small enough to be a pendent in ones hand. Useless, he thought. He reached his hand within when he felt the world beneath him move under his feet … as Kylo landed, out of breath, back on the stone floor. Kylo threw the necklace away, his face whiter than a ghost, he scurried from the cave like a lost dog, and as he was about to enter the lava-surrounded temple, ” a familiar figure stood before him, filling the cave with a soft light that, like the moon, one knew could never warm them. It was the force ghost of Anakin Skywalker himself, with a look of deep concern on his face. He opened his mouth to speak but before any noise could come out Kylo ignited his lightsaber, shouting “No! Be gone you false phantom! I know you are the work of Lukes trickery! I promised the real Vader that I would resist the pull of the light! You will not lure me from the true path to ultimate power! ” and he slashed manically at the ghost, but it just stood there, becoming visibly disappointed. “Ben, please. You have to listen to me. Supreme lead-” when it vanished as suddenly as it had appeared. Star Wars Theory: “ the shot pans to the back of Snokes scarred head and the collar of his expensive and ancient golden robes … His massive hand hovering above Kylo, waving for him to come closer, the giant gold encrusted obsidian black ring on his finger. As the camera slowly lowers to his other hand by his side, we see him twirling something between his fingers, a familiar black and chrome object. As we see Snokes parched and ugly lips voice “come, boy. I have what you seek” ” Snoke congratulates Kylo on passing the test, and awards him Vaders lightsaber for his loyalty, commenting on how his training is almost complete, gesturing to the sith holocrons nearby. Poes subplot / overarching space battle Fear_of_Networking: THEN the First Order shows up. The Resistance is still shocked by their arrival. The First Order should have a new interdictor cruiser in its ranks when it catches the Resistance again. It can be a new ship design, black or something, but with the signature gravity well generators on the underside of the ship. The Resistance fleet does not have the resources to take down the interdictor – attacking it head on would be suicide. Thats the reason they cant jump into hyperspace – not because of new, problematic technology conceived for this one specific plot point, but because they are trapped by the interdictor. ” Poe faces even more guilt than in the movie, since it was his decision to go after the dreadnought that gave the First Order time to covertly tag the cruiser with a tracker from a stealth cloaked starfighter, and thus all the damage from that leads back to him. An extract from ajswdfs post: “Because the tracker is on the ship, people in the resistance begin to gossip about there being a spy. How else could it be planted on the ship. Suspicion starts to point to Finn, which only increases when they discover that he's a former Stormtrooper. Poe tries to defend him, but his reputation has been ruined because of his failure earlier in the movie. People begin to accuse him of also being a spy. ” Instead of the slow speed chase, the Resistance fleet are indeed faster than the First Order, pulling away from them at an increasing rate. To start with, the capital ships are focusing fire on the rear of the main Resistance cruiser, trying to disable its engines. In response, they strengthen the rear shields, but Kylo in his ship and his escort take advantage of this to fire experimental heavy photon torpedoes at the bridge, taking advantage of the shield subsequently being weakened in those areas. Fear_of_Networking: “Leia can still have a demonstration of force power and almost die, but not through the super-man space-walk. In my version the bridge of that capital ship can still get attacked, with an explosion and a wall of flame roaring towards Leia. Her eyes are wide and she instinctively puts up her hands in front of her and – surprising everyone including her – she halts the wall of flame and debris. She looks around, shocked, and then others help to drag some of the injured out of the way of the flames and prepare to close a blast door, and then Leia lets go and is knocked away into the ship and a blast door closes. Leia is unconscious and barely breathing – she appears to be in a coma, but she has saved a lot of people, including Ackbar. ” The overarching space battle consists of TIE fighters against x/a wings from the Resistances not-blown-up hanger bays, whittling down the defences of each ship in the fleet, one by one, with the aim of eventually taking out their engines so that they drift back into range of the First Orders main ships heavy weaponry. This works because both the Resistance and the First Order are accelerating, with the Resistance just accelerating faster. Therefore, when a Resistance ship stops accelerating because its engines are destroyed, the First Order naturally catches up regardless of it having momentum. The First Orders star destroyers cant just light speed to next to the Resistance ships, because their interdictor affects them as well. Poe is forbidden from taking part in the battle by Ackbar (taking the place of Holdo) despite his pleas for a chance at redemption, because they cant afford another pride driven mistake like earlier. Moreover, Ackbar refuses to tell Poe the full plan, not because he suspects Poe of being a traitor, but because he knows Poe is so impulsive that he cant be trusted to not let it slip to someone who IS a traitor. This storyline continues like in the movie, except, as mentioned, Del Toro is an undercover spy in the Resistance, and figures out the likely Resistance plan from what he hears from Poe in the over room arguing with Ackbar about the use of troop transports. Fear_of_Networking: “He would still be the one to betray the Resistance by letting the First Order know about the plan to escape down to Crait in the transports. ” Another change is that when he mutinies, Ackbar is kept in the brig, and when Leia relieves him of command she doesnt stun him. A released Ackbar demands that Poe be thrown in the brig while hes waiting for trial, but an awakened Leia shows mercy. This plotline concludes far quicker than in the movie, so Poe is left free to join Finn on his mission, where he earns his redemption. Reys/Lukes plotline Fear_of_Networking: “Luke can actually explain the reasons the Jedi order failed, and the reasons can be things like: i) the Jedi were too monk-like and tried to cut themselves off from interacting with human emotion and participating in the life of the force – they were too much like Buddhist monks, and this limited their ability to be attuned to the rise of dark forces, ii) the view of the Jedi was too black and white, failing to appreciate that the balance between the light and the dark (and even the mixing of light and dark) is a central characteristic of the force that matches the balance of life and death and their cycles and mixing in nature; iii) the Jedi became too much of a political bureaucracy, with hierarchies that over time became more important than the principles for which the Jedi were supposed to stand, and (iv) the Jedi allowed themselves to become a governmental arm and instrumentality of the Republic – instead of looking to the force for guidance they did the bidding of the Republic and came to see the protection of the Republic as their primary mission. The Jedi academy flashbacks and narrative need to change. Luke should discover that Ben has grown strong in the dark side and that he has been trying to educate a small group of students in the ways of the dark side to undermine Luke. Luke should sense turmoil in Ben, leading him to seek Ben out to talk to him about it. When Luke goes looking for Ben, Ben would not be in his quarters, but Luke would snoop. He would discover a Sith artifact of some kind among Bens things. Maybe a Sith holocron like weve seen in Star Wars Rebels. Luke would touch the Sith artifact and see a bunch of visions, including visions of Ben plotting to kill Luke and all of the others, along with visions of Bens interactions with Snoke, kneeling before Snoke, calling Snoke master, etc. Ben would then come back to his quarters and catch Luke. They would have a confrontation where Ben pulls down the academy over Luke and thinks Luke is dead. Luke would NOT wield a lightsaber over Bens sleeping body. ” We would get to see the slaughter of the padwans by a young Ben, and him assembling the ones loyal to him into the Knights of Ren, concluding with a transition to the scene Rey saw when she first touched the lightsaber in TFA (a grown Kylo in front of the fully fledged Knights in the rain. Fear_of_Networking: “Luke can explain that after the failure of his new Jedi order, he went soul searching for what went wrong and what he could have done differently. Thats why he sought out the first Jedi temple. He wanted to go back to the original texts, thinking that perhaps the original teachings had been distorted through the years, perhaps there was more to the Jedi than he knew. He didnt know what he would find on Ach-to. Thats why he left the map, because he wasnt sure if he would want others to follow him. But what he finds in those original texts would only confirm his disillusionment with the Jedi order. ” The reason he is waiting on Ach-to is to develop his own force abilities in a location safely remote from the First Order, and to try and invent a new Jedi philosophy that didnt share the same flaws as in the past, and while hes made good progress, he isnt quite finished. He also mentions that the first Jedi temple is in such an unlikely location because the planet used to have much land, but climate change combined with severe erosion caused most of it to be submerged/destroyed over the millennia, and the land of the Jedi temple survived because of the work of the protectors. When asked about how he found the first jedi temple, he presents Rey with the compass from Star Wars Battlefront 2, which he explains can be used to find various important force related sites. He gives it to her since he no longer has a use for it. Furthermore, the protectors arent fish nuns. Possible ideas include featureless force ghostlike entities, rock golems held together by the force, or just any alien race more interesting than fish nuns. Moreover, Luke doesnt drink alien milk on camera. Margo Whitlock: “If anything, Luke should be the one desperate to turn his nephew back to the light while Rey is arguing that its hopeless to try to turn him and they should just kill him. Have Rey wanting Luke to train her as a Jedi because she wants to seek revenge on Kylo. Luke at first refuses to train her because he fears that her anger will lead her to the Dark Side and because he believes he can turn Kylo back to the light. Yoda appears to Luke and convices him to begin training her. ” Fear_of_Networking: “Luke can still be grumpy and refuse to train Rey at first … Luke would still have his interaction with Yoda in which they burn the sacred tree, but their discussion about the philosophy would be different. Yoda would ask Luke why Luke would ever think that the Jedi texts or the Jedi ways were without flaw. Yoda would point out that he (Yoda) certainly never instructed Skywalker to adhere blindly to those texts – in fact those texts were completely absent from Yodas training of Luke – has Luke ever considered why that is? It is no revelation that the Jedi ways need updating and revision. But Yodas position is that the galaxy still needs its Jedi champions, that there is still a major role for the Jedi to play. So yes, burn the tree, but dont give up. This is what changes Lukes mind. He understands, through Yoda, that the concept of a Jedi is not so limited, and that Rey can become the first of a new type of Jedi. ” Yodas ghost doesnt physically interact with the world as it did in the movie. Margo Whitlock: “Luke reluctantly agrees, but focuses on teaching her to control her anger. ” Fear_of_Networking: “… Luke could teach Rey about the ways that the Jedi failed, and in doing so he would be starting to teach her to be more attuned to the whole picture of the force, not this narrow, one-sided view held by the traditional Jedi. Luke would be training Rey to be a new kind of Jedi. ” Margo Whitlock: “Luke goes to Kylo and tries to turn him to the light” (one last time, through a force connection) “but Kylo refuses to turn. Then Rey fights him and it comes to a stand off. ” Fear_of_Networking: “Rey can still ultimately get angry with Luke and flee Ach-to. ” In order to pretend to be doing what she really did in the movie, as an excuse to get to Kylo. An extract from Star Wars Theorys other video: “ ‘Youve closed yourself off from the galaxy for far too long, Luke ” said Kenobis force ghost. “ ‘I didnt want anything to do with it [until I was ready. Bens] just like his grandfather. That means he can be turned* ‘Failed, you have ‘Master Yoda, I know, I failed you all ‘No, failed yourself, you have. A Jedi never loses his way, matter not how tragic. Lose my way, did I? Hmm? After Skywalker destroyed everything and everyone I knew? Flee, I did, like you. But lose who I was, did I? No. [Like his grandfather, ridden with conflict and regret, Ben is not. Too twisted by Snoke, he is, and a Jedi for many years, like Skywalker, he was not. Try to turn Sidious, did I? Hmm? When the old Jedi Order was wrong, you found, learn from our mistakes, and change, you did, where failed, I did. So when wrong about young Ben, you were, learn from your mistakes, and change, why did you not? Save everyone, you cannot. ‘Yoda is right, Luke, youve been twisted by this Snoke into hiding yourself away. Its not too late. Youve lost Han, how many more will it take for you to wake up? Ben? Leia? Luke looked up at them with tearful eyes, but with determination. A look of fire and hope that they hadnt seen in him for decades. He didnt speak. His right hand reaches out, as he closes his eyes and both Obi Wan and Yoda look at him with a smirk. Looking down as if trying to see something through his eyelids. Concentrating hard, feeling through the force. That sound. Something was breaking from miles away, flying through the sea, earth, trees, air itself and, finally, breaking the brick wall of his hut. … Luke looks at his old weapon, then looks up at his masters. Obi Wan, smiling, looks up at him and says ‘The weapon of a Jedi knight. Transfixed … Luke says ‘No. A Jedi master ” Margo Whitlock: “Ultimately, Reys arc should have been learning self-control in order to properly use the Force and Lukes arc should have been accepting that he cant save everyone, that Kylos choices are his own, and that he shouldnt blame himself. Im not saying that Rey should have necessarily been Lukes daughter, but she should have been connected to him somehow. Perhaps … she was the daughter of one of his Padawans. Her relocation to Jakku could be explained by Kylos murderous rampage and her guardians, whoever they were, wanting to keep her safe. It would also help explain the map in TFA, if Luke always intended for his Padawans to find him again. ” Further possible parents/grandparents include Palpatine, Luke, Obi Wan, Leia, the force (like Anakin) or even one of the knights of Ren (if some were trained when significantly older, as Luke was by Yoda. All scenarios except the force would involve at least one of the parents (not necessarily the force powerful one) taking her to Jakku either for safety or to hide her existence because they would be punished for having a child. Alternatively, the parents are someone else of equal impact to the story (but not nobodies like in the movie) or the cave scene doesnt happen at all and we remain clueless as to who her parents are for now. Finns subplot Margo Whitlock: “After TFA, Finn is an ex-stormtrooper who has defected from the First Order, but he still has no real reason to be allied with the Resistance yet. Which makes sense because the First Orders soldiers are Storm Troopers just like him. They probably come from a similar place he does, captured as children and forced into a life of servitude as cannon fodder for the First Order. It would be pretty understandable if Finn were reluctant to kill them. We learned in TFA that Finn was kidnapped as a child and forced into serving the First Order, so we can pretty much assume the same is true of the other Storm Troopers. Essentially, they are not given a chance in life. Of course, Finn escaped, but most wouldnt be so lucky. If anything, Finns main conflict in TLJ should have been “How can I fight my former comrades? ” We know he wants to do the right thing, but this would present him with a scenario where he has to wonder what the right thing is. Not only would this deepen Finn as a character, but it would show that the Resistance doesnt necessarily have clean hands because the people they kill are also victims of the FO. In addition, this could give him a better storyline with Rose, as it could have lead to her and Finn infiltrating Finns former Storm Trooper squadron, which could have also set up Finns showdown with Phasma (who should have been in the film a lot more! Seriously, what a waste of Gwendolyne Christie. )” Using the idea from SKYMAN UNIVERSEs video “ Poe joins Finn on this mission as mentioned, where they, along with Rose and C-3PO (sprayed black for disguise) infiltrate the Interdictor in order to covertly deactivate the gravity well, using C-3POs codebreaking abilities. ” (Paraphrased) This is accomplished fairly easily, but Finn convinces the others to help him with his personal agenda to save his fellow conscripts. Poe earns his redemption by rescuing the others like BB-8 did in the movie, combined with resisting the urge to recklessly chase down Phasma on his own. Subsequently Phasma survives, but the consequences of him potentially being captured or killed are avoided. Phasma receives more screen time in this plotline, and there are no inconsistencies like how in the movie she teleports and suddenly loses her gun. It is also made clear that her extra effective armour is rare because it is so expensive. We also learn that the remainder of the New Republic was in anarchy after the firing of Starkiller Base, and in response a noticeably more authoritarian leader was elected to bring order with his rule by an iron fist. Consequentially, he led with more fascist tendencies than past rulers, with strong militaristic policies to appease the extreme hatred the people held for the First Order, including conscripting non humans to help replenish the decimated ranks of the New Republic fleet. This is far from the ideals the Resistance strived for, but it seems probable that they will have no choice but to side with them as the lesser of two evils. The space battle, Reys, and Finns storylines interchange like in the movie. Ive only separated them here for clarity. End of space battle / throne room scene Margo Whitlock: “Holdo could have been completely excised from the movie. Shes not a necessary character, she dies anyway, and she takes up screen time that would be better spent on more important characters. Leia … should have been the one to sacrifice herself in the end, not Holdo. That would have been a heroic death for her and a fitting ending to Fishers last movie. ” Moreover, instead of light speed ramming directly into the capital ship, once the interdictor is deactivated, the light speed takes the cruiser to directly next to it (where the capital ships own natural gravity well brings the cruiser out of light speed) where it is quickly able to conventionally ram where intelligence suggested the fuel compartments were, causing a large explosion as most of the fuel ignites. Leia is needed to pilot the ship instead of using autopilot because Del Toro, one of the First Orders best codebreakers as mentioned undercover in the Resistance, secretly hacked into the systems of the cruiser and completely deleted the autopilot programmes, so Leia volunteers to save the lives of the few other and younger survivors capable of piloting the entire ship to do the ram. She does it as soon as the transports leave, instead of watching them get shot down for several minutes first like in the movie. On the way to the throne room, Rey talks about turning Kylo, like in the movie, but here is actually just leading him on as excuse to get to him and Snoke. She intends on getting him to betray Snoke, and then to kill Kylo once his guard is down. The throne room scene starts off fairly similar to in the movie, but when Kylo ignites the lightsaber on his chair Snoke instead laughs, asking if Kylo had been listening to a word he was saying, and the camera pans down to the saber, revealing him to be another realistic hologram like on Starkiller base. An extract from Seth Housers comment on the video: “Snoke … sends the Guard after him. Then Rey and Kylo fight for their lives. Snoke is just watching for entertainment. Rey kills 2 of the guard and gets hurt in the process, leaving the rest of the guards for Kylo. Kylo kills the rest. ” while duel wielding both his own cross guard lightsaber and Vaders at the same time. The battle contains more use of the force than in the movie, such as saber throws, lightning infused saber strikes, and perhaps includes some of the unused attacks mentioned later. Seth Houser: “Then Snoke being a Dark Lord, says "good. they were really pathetic. He then goes over telling Kylo that this was one of his final tests and that he knew he was going to betray him, but is willing to look over it if he kills Rey. Then after some point Rey and Kylo fight one another. ” Using another idea from SKYMAN UNIVERSEs video that “ Rey should turn to the dark side” (paraphrased) perhaps Rey should, from being already injured from the guards, inadvertently start to reach into her anger for Kylo simply in order to survive against his repeated strikes, unhindered by injury as he was in TFA. As the rage consumes her and a slight yellow tinge builds up in her eyes, she briefly starts to push Kylo back for a few moments, and Snoke begins to smile. However, her anger blinds her judgement and with a quick twist of his wrist Kylo removes her hand with his cross guard when they lock sabers. In a moment of pain at Kylos feet, she realises her mistake and the yellow in her eyes fades instantly, and Snokes smile with it. She feels immense regret at having failed to uphold Lukes teachings brought on by her brash decision to face Kylo so soon. If Rey didnt find out about her parents earlier – Ajswdf: “At the end Rey tried to convince Kylo to destroy the FO, but he instead tells Rey that with the power of the FO they will be able to find her parents and punish them for abandoning her. ” Rey considers this for a moment, but then rejects the offer, accepting that it wouldnt be worth betraying everything she stood for, especially not worth joining the monster that was Kylo, just to satisfy her temptation. Sighing, Snoke orders Kylo to finish her already. Seth Houser: “Kylo with the upper hand hesitates and the Resistance's ship crashes into the ship, leaving Kylo … and Rey unconscious. ” The explosion also cuts the connection to Snokes hologram. “Rey is the first to awake and sees that Kylo … is starting to wake up. ” She doesnt kill him while hes down because she is still somewhat delirious from the impact, can hear reinforcements beginning to arrive nearby, now understands that such anger driven decisions could lead her to the dark side. Seth Houser: “She immediately escapes. Snoke” regains his connection, and “seeing that Rey is no longer around, orders Kylo to destroy what is left of the Resistance. ” In retribution for his failure to kill Rey, Snoke uses the force to disintegrate Vaders saber while it is still in Kylos hand, before his hologram fades. The Battle of Crait / ending is in part 2/2.

“Happy Halloween…almost. Are you ready to party down? ” Chuck patted me on the shoulder as he asked the question, moving past me through the front door without getting a response. The question seemed well-meant, as was most everything that Chuck did or said around me. It said that he cared enough to come to this party he probably didnt want to be at and to ask a jovial question as he came in, but I knew that was about the threshold of his caring. We werent friends, not really, and it was our mutual love of my sister Vanessa that had led to our lives intersecting at all. She was next through the door, giving me a tight hug while trying not to drop the bowl of dip she was balancing in her right hand. She whispered in my ear, “You doing okay? This okay? ” and I squeezed her back as I replied, “Yeah, Ness. Im good. This is good. ” When Billy showed up twenty minutes later, it was less awkward. He had been my best friend for nearly twenty years, and I had talked more to him about everything than I had anyone else in the time since Amber had died. When I opened the door, he just gave me a quick man hug and started talking to Vanessa and Chuck as I went to finish arranging the chairs in the living room. My wife Amber died six months ago. She had always been a fairly healthy person, but a year earlier she had started feeling bad. She was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, which at the time, seemed like bad but very manageable news. Then one weekend I was away for a work trip. Amber had talked about coming with me, but Id been afraid shed be bored and encouraged her to stay home and relax instead. She agreed and said she would see about having Vanessa and Chuck over for dinner that Saturday night. Her and Vanessa had become best friends in the six years we had been married, and she typically talked to my sister more than I did. But between occasional visits and texts, I almost never talked to my sister on the phone. So when I woke up at one in the morning to my phone buzzing and saw it was Vanessa, I knew something was wrong. The coroner ruled it a “sudden cardiac death” with diabetes listed as a contributing factor. It was a rare thing for someone in their mid-thirties, but apparently it did happen from time to time. Vanessa told me that they had all three fallen asleep watching a movie, and when she woke up, she and Chuck tried to get Amber up to tell them they were heading home. But she wouldnt wake up. They called 911 and she was declared dead at the scene. Since then, everything had been a red blur of anger and sadness. I didnt want to be around anyone. I found it hard to work or interact with people, and every day I rushed home to solitude as soon as I was able, because it was suffocating being around others. I always felt like a fish struggling to get back to water, desperately striving to get back to our home and away from everything else. In the back of my mind, I expected things to get better over time. For the order and monotony of day-to-day life to abrade away the rough edges of my grief and leave me with a heavy stone that would never leave me, but was at least easier to carry. But that didnt happen. My memories of her didnt fade. I kept forgetting she was gone. I would hear something in another part of the house and have a moment where I assumed it was her before I remembered. I would walk into a room and swear that I could still smell her there. Dont misunderstand me. I dont think she was haunting me or anything. I just think that my mind couldnt cope with the reality that she was dead—and in some corner of my heart, I was slowly deciding I didnt want any part of this reality anymore. Thats when I got the phone call from the real estate agent. Ambers aunt had died two years earlier, and having no children of her own, she had left Amber everything. That consisted mainly of her house, a little money in the bank, and a pawn shop she had run for nearly forty years. Nearly all of the estate had been dealt with before Amber passed away—Aunts house was bought by a young married couple and the items in the pawn shop were all auctioned off or sold in lots to other shops. Only the pawn shop itself was left to be sold, and because it had been important to Amber to see it all done, it was one of the few things I had dedicated myself to since she died. I managed to find a buyer, and the property closing had happened just a couple of days before the real estate agent called me. He said that the new owners had found an item hidden behind a false wall in a storage closet at the shop. The agent told me they could have claimed it themselves since the purchase was done, and the object in question was clearly old and potentially very valuable, but that the pair that bought the shop were honest, and didnt feel right about keeping something I most likely hadnt known existed when I sold them the shop. I forced myself to listen to what the agent was telling me, but when he was done I told him to keep it himself then. I didnt care. I had a rapidly dwindling to-do list, and once that was done, I wasnt sure how long I would be around anyway. But he told me it was already on its way. Sure enough, it was delivered the following day. And while I opened the large and heavy box out of habit more than interest, that changed when I saw what was inside. I held up the large card that had come taped to the top of the object when I opened it. It was filled with small, cramped cursive that was nonetheless legible as I held it up to a nearby lamp in the living room. Chuck and Vanessa were already sitting down in the chairs I had arranged around the box itself, while Billy stood some distance off sipping a beer. All of them looked interested but slightly concerned by the set-up and the strange-looking box, but I gave a reassuring smile and told them this was going to be our “Halloween game” for the evening. Ignoring their concerned glances at me and the box, I began to read the card aloud. “This item is the Izu Box of Shadows. My research has shown there are other boxes, although they appear to be very rare and all from different places and times. This box was made in the Izu Province of what is now the Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. While I cannot be certain, this item appears to have been made between 1750 and 1800. I have been unable to ascertain the nature of all components of the box, but its basic composition is of heavily lacquered wood and metal. The inner mechanical workings of the box have never been maintained—or even viewed—since I came into possession of the box, but in my experience they always work smoothly and without fail. ” I stepped closer to the box. I had it sitting on a low table in the center of a ring of four chairs. The box was a two-foot tall hexagon of black wood with grayish-brown metal securing every edge. It was largely unadorned, with no writing or symbols on its surface—though occasionally I thought you could see the ghost of some marking deep within its dark skin. But while its surfaces appeared plain, the top of the box was not. The highest portion of each of the six sides was occupied by a long, rounded glass rectangle trimmed in the same storm cloud metal. These were its viewing slots. The top of the box slanted on every side up to a peak at its center that held a perforated metal cap. The cap reminded me of the top of a giant salt shaker, though with fewer holes and with grooves at the edge of the cap to provide a better grip. This cap was screwed on top of a metal tube that ran down into the center of the box and out of sight. Touching this center metal axle, I continued to read. “The box is used as follows: One to six people may participate, but everyone who is in the room must participate and it can be no more than six. To begin, the center metal tube is uncapped. If you look inside the tube you will see a red candle. Important: Only use this candle and do not worry about its depletion. ” I glanced up and saw all three of them were looking at me and the box with more interest now, though the worry was still there as well. Turning back to the card, I went on. “Pull up on the edge of the tube and you will find that this portion lifts out easily. This is the candle portion. Remember to reseat that portion properly when you put the tube back in a moment, as the tube must be placed back within its grooves in order for the box to function properly. After you remove the candle portion of the tube, you will find a small compartment below. This is where the personal objects are housed during the boxs use. ” “The objects must be very small, of course, but almost any item the person possesses will work. Buttons and coins are common, though hair or teeth can be used as well. The only real criteria are possession by the user, only one item per person, and something small enough that all the objects can be fit inside at the same time. The amount of objects will, of course, vary by the number of participants. ” “After the items are placed in the bottom chamber of the tube, the candle portion is replaced and the candle is lit. The cap is then screwed on tightly. You are now ready to begin. ” I sat down in one of the empty chairs and gestured for Billy to do the same. He frowned and took a step forward, but hesitated. “What is this, man? Some kind of séance or something? Ill help however you need, but I just dont know how healthy…” “Its not a fucking séance, okay? Just…” I paused and took a breath. I needed to keep my cool. “I just need you all to keep an open mind. Im not trying to contact Amber or something. But its a weird thing and I thought itd be cool to share it with my friends. I was nervous to try it out alone. ” Vanessa reached over and squeezed my arm. For his part, Billy blushed a little before flopping down in the chair next to me. “Shit, man. Im sorry. Ill do whatever you need. ” Nodding to him, I looked back to the card. “The first participant puts his eyes to his viewing slot and then grasps the metal tube cap. He then spins the central tube counterclockwise and lets go. If done properly, the participant will see something remarkable, though what that is varies greatly from person to person. Only one spin is required, and when their view darkens again, their turn is complete. This continues until everyone has completed a turn. A second turn can be done, but is very ill-advised. Under no circumstances are you to tell another participant what you saw while viewings are still being conducted. ” I looked up and smiled. “Thats it. Now. Are you ready to party down? ” All the personal items were put in the box and then Billy went. He seemed to be debating what object to use at first, but then he pulled a small pumpkin eraser out of his pocket. Smiling with embarrassment, he shrugged. “A patient gave it to me. Being a pediatrician has its perks. ” When he spun the central tube, I saw both Vanessa and Chuck jerk back slightly at the sound it made. It was an odd, lonely rasping sound not unlike what you hear on a night filled with cicadas. My sister glanced at me with a frown and mouthed “what is this thing? ” as Billy continued to lean forward against the viewing slot, the hollow whirr of the tube beginning to slow down. I just smiled and gave a shrug before turning back to watch Billy. After more than a minute, Billy sat back and blinked as though he were coming out of a cave. His eyes were unfocused as he looked at me. “What the fuck was that, man? How is that even possible? ” Chuck around the box at Billy. “What did you see? ” Vanessa poked him in the side. “No telling what you saw, remember? ” She looked over at Billy. “You okay, though? ” Billy rubbed his eyes and nodded. “Yeah…Yeah I just…Dont mind me. Go ahead and go. ” Chuck went next, having put in a dime from his pocket. He had just spun the tube when Billy stood up and stumbled back. “I…I think I got motion sick or something. I dont feel well. I should go. ” I looked away from Chuck and shook my head. “Itll pass probably. Plus, if youre woozy, the last thing you need to be doing is driving a car. Why dont you just go lay down for a few minutes while we do the rest of the turns? Youre already done. ” Billy looked at me for several seconds as though he was weighing something, and I was on the verge of saying more when he nodded. “Yeah, okay. Ill try that for a minute. But no promises. ” I looked back to see that Chucks spinning of the tube was coming to an end, but when it was done he didnt lean back or say anything. Vanessa looked at me questioningly. “Something is wrong. ” I frowned. “Yeah, I dont know. Hey, Chuck? ” When he still didnt respond, Vanessa shook his shoulder and then gave him a light shove. This seemed to rouse him enough that he sat back and looked at us sheepishly. “Um, sorry guys. I think I fell asleep against that thing. Its been a long week at work. ” Vanessa stared at him. “Youre telling me you fell full asleep in the three minutes you were messing with it? With your face leaned up against this weird box? ” He shrugged. “I guess. I just…Look, I hate to be the party pooper, but can we go ahead and go, honey? ” Chuck glanced at me. “Im sorry, man. I want to hang out tonight, but Im kind of with Billy. I dont feel so great now. ” I stood up. Want me to see if I have anything for your head or motion sickness or something? ” He shook his head as he started to rise to his feet. “No, I think I just need to go home actually. We can do this some other night. ” I looked down at my sister. “Ness, please dont go. Im sorry this isnt going well, but Im really trying here. It took a lot for me to even invite you guys over at all. ” She bit her lip and glanced at Chuck, then back to me. “I know. I know. ” She looked at the box and then turned to her husband. “Look, lets stay a bit longer. Go lay down and Ill finish playing the game. If you dont start feeling better in a bit, well go, I promise. ” Chuck went to argue, but Vanessa was already leaning forward and spinning. Chuck gave me a hard look before moving to the sofa I had pushed back against a far wall of the living room. I could feel his eyes burning a hole through my back, but I tried to ignore it. I didnt want to miss Vanessas reaction. I didnt have long to wait, as after just a few seconds she began to speak in a high, loud voice on the edge of a scream. “Hell is a forest deep and dark. Its earth is cold, its trees are stark. Among the shades dwells the Hunters face, please send another in my place. ” She said the words in a rush and then trailed off like a burned out engine winding down as she slid out of her chair and onto the floor. Chuck was already on his feet, and when he saw her begin to thrash silently on the ground, he moved past me to help her. It was easy to stick the stun gun into his side and send him crashing down to flop next to his wife like a dying fish. I couldnt be sure what was happening to Vanessa or how long it would last, but I knew I only had a few seconds before Chuck would be back up. Before the guests arrived, I had taped a long-bladed butcher knife under the table holding the box—one of several weapons I had squirrelled away for different possible scenarios that evening. Now I yanked it free from its hiding spot as I moved on top of my brother-in-law. He was already regaining control and tried to grab my arm, but he was too slow. I slammed the knife into his Adams apple and gave it a strong twist. “Thats for Amber, you motherfucker. ” He flailed around for a handful of heartbeats, but when I pulled the knife free and sent it back across his throat with all my weight, his hands fell to the ground like dead birds. One look at his eyes and I knew he was gone. Good. Looking over at Vanessa, I saw she had stopped convulsing, but she wasnt moving other than breathing heavily. At least she wasnt dead yet. I remember having the thought at that moment that everything was going so well because what I was doing was right. Righteous even. Amber wasnt perfect, but she didnt deserve what they did to her, and they were all going to pay. Standing up from Chuck, I wiped the knife off on my pants leg and moved to the bedroom where Billy should be. I had to assume he might be aware of what had happened in the living room, so I was tensed and ready for an attack as I pushed open the bedroom door. Flipping on the light with the hand holding the stun gun, I looked for some sign of him, but there was none. Cursing under my breath, I almost went back out into the hall before noticing the bathroom door was closed and the light was on. I listened at the door for a minute but everything was quiet. Looking behind me for any potential ambush, I called out to Billy as though I was checking on him, seeing if he was sick in the bathroom. Nothing. I twisted the knob and it didnt budge. Locked. That was okay. The door was flimsy and nothing was going to keep me from finishing what I had started. Two kicks and the door flew open. I stepped forward and peered into the room, initially confused at what I was seeing. Billy was laying in the empty bathtub, dead. He had used the pocket knife he always carried to slit his wrists both horizontally and vertically, and judging from how much blood was pooled under him, he had either done it almost immediately after leaving us or had just bled out very quickly. Either way, I said a silent word of thanks to the box. Billy was larger and stronger than me, so I had expected the most trouble from him. Apparently whatever he had seen in the box of shadows had been enough to convince him he need to do the right thing after all. Going back into the living room, I saw that Vanessa was starting to come around. She was up on all fours, trying to pull herself up into a chair but failing miserably. It didnt help when I took my foot and shoved her in the side, sending her rolling back down onto her back. When she looked up at me, I saw that she had small dots of blood at the corners of her eyes. “So what did you see? ” She just looked at me confusedly as though she either didnt recognize me or didnt understand the words I was saying. I crouched down and gave her face a hard slap. “Snap out of it. I want you to understand whats gone on before you die. ” She sucked in a breath at the slap, and when she looked back at me I saw recognition. She looked past me to where Chuck lay dead and the first real emotion came back to her face. Her eyes went back to mine as pink tears began to run down her cheeks. “Why? What have you done? ” I slapped her again. “What have I done? What have you done. What have all of you done. ” I felt an almost overpowering urge to go ahead and stab her, so I stood up and walked a few feet away. “I saw what you did. The box showed me what you did. ” Vanessa still looked dazed, and her words slurred slightly as she spoke, but she furrowed her brow and managed to get out: “What? We didnt do anything. ” I let out a bitter laugh. “Well, I guess thats kind of true, isnt it. ” I gripped the knife so hard I could feel the bones in my hand groan in protest. “The box showed me the night Amber died. How you, and Chuck, and Billy came over. How you drugged Amber. Got her drunk. Did obscene, perverted things with her, all of you. And then when she collapsed from everything you had given her…when she started dying, you all just stood around and laughed. Didnt get her help. Didnt try to save her. You just watched her die while you all fucking laughed. ” I was closer again, standing over Vanessa and screaming the last of it, my own tears streaming now. She was talking again, trying to say it wasnt true. That it was insane and made no sense. But I knew she was lying. I knew what the box had shown me. I knew the truth. So I killed my baby sister. I wish I could say I didnt remember it, but it would be a lie. I know every blow that fell, every scream she made, every moment of joy and fulfillment I felt at causing her pain and avenging what had happened to my sweet Amber. It was all so clear and perfect. But when it was over, that clarity began to fade. I sat in the floor of my living room, covered in blood and feeling doubt and fear sliding into my belly like the blade I had left in the ruined remains of Vanessa. Why was I so sure I could trust what the box had shown me? Wouldnt the autopsy of Amber shown drugs and alcohol in her system if it had happened like I saw? And why would any of them want to do any of that in the first place? Within a few minutes I went from exultation to despair. I still felt confused, and even now I cant say for sure what makes sense and what doesnt, but I think I've been tricked. As Ive been writing all this out, my head has cleared further. I think maybe Ive murdered the only people I had left, the only ones that cared about me at all. Even the beginnings of that realization filled me with a burning desire to kill myself. I likely would have done it then, but something unexpected stopped me. My phone rang, and when I answered, it was you. “Hello? Is this Mr. Saltzmann? ” I nodded dumbly and then realized I needed to speak. “Yes. I guess. ” “Hi there. My name is Cora Westgate. Ive been trying to track you down. Or at least something I think you have. ” You paused for me to reply, but I sat silent, so you went on. “Its a box. Its called an…Izu Box of Shadows, I think? ” I almost hung up then. This was delaying me pulling the knife from my sisters corpse and using it on myself. But something made me ask the question anyway. “Why do you want it? ” I heard excitement in your voice. “So you do have it. Awesome. Look, my uncle…hes been abducted. By very bad people. And I think the box can help me find him. I know that sounds crazy, but if…” “Fine. ” I was surprised to hear the word come out of my mouth and I could tell you were surprised too. “Oh, wow. Great! Look, I have your address and I can be there in two hours if thats okay. Ill be glad to pay you well for it but…” “No, I wont be here when you get here. Just take it. ” Again, I didnt know why I was still talking to you, much less why I was encouraging you to take something that I was feeling more and more sure was the cause of all the horror around me. You were trying to thank me, but I was already hanging up. I almost went for the knife then, but some part of me, the real me, hesitated. I knew I wanted to die, but I wanted to warn you as best I could. If I couldnt say it to you, maybe writing out what happened would work. I expected to not be able to even start telling it, much less finish it. I thought the box wouldnt let me tell you. Warn you. But now that Im done, I think I understand. The box wants to go with you, and while it knows you will read this, it also knows you won't heed my warning. I can only hope that its wrong. Please do not take the box. Or if you do, dont use it. Destroy it if you can. Youll find me dead, find us all dead, and maybe youll believe that I didnt mean to do any of it. If you know about things like the box, you may be the only one that might understand. Either way, its done now. Tricked or not, I think I might be damned. Cora, please dont use the box. Please believe that Im sorry for what I did. I love you, Amber. I hope to make it back to you some day. Goodbye.

A twist of the wrist ii. My Veoh. Did you know that there is an app available that will let you download and watch A Twist of the Wrist II on your iPhone or iPad, or Android device? If you ever wanted to have the movie with you on the go, at the track, or if you just want instant access to watch it right now, instead of waiting for a DVD to arrive, there's an app for that. For iPhone or iPad: In the App Store, search "Twist of the Wrist Keith Code. Download the app. Once the app is installed, open the app and you will have an option for an in-app purchase of either A Twist of the Wrist, or A Twist of the Wrist II. Once purchased, the movies are available to watch at any time on your device and you can even go straight to whatever chapter you want to see. Instant access, and it costs less than the DVD, too. This is SO COOL, I didn't know until recently it existed and thought I would share the info with all of you.

A Twist of the Wrist ii 2. Part I Part II Missus Roland gave the heeler a proper burial in the morning near to her rose bushes. I found a cool looking bottle cap to serve as a marker for the grave, and laid it down near the grey stones as I wiped away another tear. "I was going to name him Lucky. I said sobbing as Missus Roland held me. Her husband came out a minute later and she told him the poor dog had been hit by a car. It was the best thing I could come up with given the circumstances and he just scowled and remarked how people weren't taking the curfew seriously at all. I knew the truth though, even if no one else in that small town did. My brother had killed Lucky without hesitation. I just needed to know why. "Let me cook the boys some breakfast and then I'll get you home Scotty. Missus Roland told me as we stepped back inside the house. She made pancakes and sausage, the best I'd probably ever seen; but I didn't have an appetite. Matt and Joey came downstairs to join me a few minutes later after getting dressed and started trying to think of ways to cheer me up. "How about a game of baseball. Matt asked. "Or we could go to the arcade. Joey said excitedly. "Maybe go see a movie. Definitely not. I chimed in, wishing that they knew what I was growing to suspect. It sounded crazy, but it was the only logical explanation to what was happening. "Oh that reminds me! Those darn movies. Scotty I'll have to swing by and drop them off at the Blockbuster on the corner of nineteenth, it's only thirteen minutes from here; is that ok. I nodded, still too numb to really think and slid the food away from my sight. Then we all followed her out to her  suburban van and piled in to make the trek across town. On the way there we drove past The Nickelodeon and I saw Mister Roland's patrol car parked out front. "Looks like my dad took your ghost story serious Scott. You better not be pulling his leg. Matt warned me. "You'll see. He'll figure out what happened to Henry. I said firmly. But inside I felt a little queasy. What if something bad happened to the sheriff? A few minutes later Missus Roland parked the van in the lot next to the Little Caesar's and was about to get out of the car when she got a call on her Motorola phone. "Yes? Oh yes Scotty's right here, did you want to speak with him. she told the caller. "Oh yes, I see. All right then I will let him know. Missus Roland hung up and glanced at me through the rear view mirror. "Scotty that was your mom, your dad has to work late tonight so you can stay over at our place another night if you'd like. she said. "Sweet. Joey said as he bounced in his seat. "I'll have to run a few errands around town before we get back to the house. How about you boys go in and grab us a few new rentals and a pizza. Missus Roland suggested. Suddenly the world was looking a little brighter again. I hopped out of the van and grabbed the VHS rentals before she reminded us to not get anything rated R this time. Then the three of us were told not to take more than half an hour and stepped through the doors of the rental store and I felt like I was in another world. The little bell jingled as we went through the tall magnetic security barriers to the main lobby and a tall older girl whipped her head up from behind the counter. "Welcome welcome. She waved cheerily as Matt dropped the videos in the box before running down one of the aisles. "What are we going to get. Joey asked as he eyed all of the selections on the first row. "Maybe something Disney? Since your mom said no R rated movies. I suggested. I honestly wasn't in the mood to see more horror after the night before anyway. "What about The Rocketeer. Joey said holding it up for me to see. "Looks like a spy flick. I agreed. "Y'all are both babies! Live a little. Matt teased as he grabbed the third installment in the Child's Play franchise and added, All we have to do is put a different cover on this box and Mom will never know. It seemed like a smart idea. I nodded eagerly to it just because I didn't want another argument and Matt made the switch with the selection Joey had made before running up front to checkout. The idea fell apart a minute later though after the girl scanned the movie and then remarked, Oh looks like you'll have to pay a three dollar and thirty cents late fee on your last rental before I can let you check this out. Mom only gave me a dollar. Matt said turning me to frantically for advise. He wanted me to offer up my hard earned money from my chore just to get some horror flick. I hesitated but gave in just so we could get going before the cashier caught on to what we were doing. As I passed the money to the girl, she gave me a quick smile and said, Hey I know you! You're my sister's friend Scotty. I blinked and froze as I tried to figure out who this girl was and then she told me. "I'm Molly, Nikki's older sister. Man my sis has a crush on you like no other. she remarked. I got red in the cheeks as she took the money. "Y-yeah I was actually getting the movie to share with her. I spouted our nervously. Molly opened up the video case and frowning at the tape inside. "You know I can't rent this to you guys, you're not over 17. she muttered. "Nice work genius. Joey whispered shoving me. "My Mom is out in the car and said we could use her membership. Matt chimed in. "Sorry but she'll have to come in for me to see it. Store policy, guys. I don't want to lose my job. Molly said. I shrugged my shoulders and said, Maybe we should just rent the other movie instead. Molly seemed to feel genuinely sorry for us and remarked, You know, we do have a few unmarked movies in the back that would probably keep you up all night. People return them with the labels ripped off and we have to sort through them before restocking. Technically they aren't rated anything. but it's like taking a shot in the dark you don't really know what you're getting. Molly suggested. We debated for a second what to do as Missus Roland honked the horn impatiently. She had already gone over to the Little Caesar shop to grab pizza and was ready to go. "Could we have one of those movies? Please. I asked sheepishly. "Ordinarily I would say take a hike. but since you been an awesome friend to Nikki, sure why not. she answered. Five minutes later she returned with a blank tape and said, “Now if this doesnt suit your fancy keep in mind we are open all night. ” She waved us goodbye as we ran out to Missus Roland's van. "I was beginning to think you boys had gotten lost in there. she muttered as we buckled in. The van smelled of hamburger and pepperoni. "Sorry took a minute to find a good one. Matt said. "Well, what did you get it. she asked. We shot a glance at each other, unsure what to say. Then Joey chirped up and said. Fievel Goes West. Again? Scotty have you never seen that. she asked as we crossed traffic to get back home. "Nope, I'm excited. I lied. I was looking down the road to see if their dad was still at the movie theater. All the lights were on and a sign showing their grand opening would be on July 12th at 1 in the afternoon. I didn't know if that was a good thing or not. But when we got back to the Roland's house I saw his patrol car parked out front alongside the deputies. The sheriff and his men were making sandwiches for everyone as we walked in and one of the officers smiled at Matt and tossed him a baseball. "There's that hoghide I said you could use for your next game. the deputy offered. "Wow. He said looking at the ball excitedly. The deputy glanced at me next and remarked, And who might you be. Scotty Marden sir. I told him as I instinctively saluted. He laughed and said, Now that's a name I should remember. You're Chance's brother aren't you. Scotty is new and he already thinks our theater is haunted. Joey chimed in. A few of the other deputies took notice of this remark and one asked, Wait. Frank, is your kid telling the truth? Did we go snoop around an old cinema on the word of a kid. Look, I figured we could at least give a look around. Mister Roland remarked. "Thought we were doing police work, not play Scooby Doo. another said as he grabbed his bottled water and stormed out. "Luke. the first deputy shouted but the sheriff raised his hand and waved him off. "He has a right to be mad. You would be too if your kid was in the hospital with multiple stab wounds. Roland remarked. My eyes got bigger than saucer plates. That was Henry's dad? I suddenly felt ill just standing here thinking about watching a scary movie and not focusing on helping my friend. "We'll figure this out and do it my way. If Luke doesn't like that, he can shove it. Mister Roland said as he got up and adjusted his belt. "What made you even think that this kid had any credibility. the first deputy asked. "I'm not a liar. I said defensively. "Sorry if I don't believe that kid. You're brother hasn't exactly left a sweet taste in my mouth and if you're anything like him. the deputy remarked dryly. "I'm not! Why would I lie about something like that. I shouted. "I don't know. Maybe to cover up something you did. the deputy said thoughtfully as he leaned closer and remarked, Maybe we should get you on the polygraph. That's enough Dale. Mister Roland said sternly. The deputy glared at me a moment longer before tipping his hat. "Only kidding Frank. Lighten up. he muttered as he walked out of the room as well. I was sweating bullets as I stood there, my stomach turning end over end on itself. "Sorry about that Scotty. the Sheriff said. I looked at the carpet trying to pretend it was fine. Five minutes later he had gone back to duty and his wife was setting up the VCR in the den. "I've got to run over to the Holton's house for a little while and babysit. I trust I can leave you boys for a while. Missus Roland asked. Joey and Matt were all too eager to be free of adult supervision. Once she was gone we turned on the tape and then dimmed the lights, wager to experience the unmarked tape that Molly had given us. We opened up the pizza box as the image flickered to life and a strange looking logo appeared on screen. A few seconds later the titles appeared in Japanese and Matt muttered, What the. is this a dumb Godzilla movie. Sure enough a few minutes later a voiceover in English confirmed it was the Tokyo giant on the screen and he grabbed his pizza and said, This bites. I'm going up to my room to play Super Mario World. Want to come Scotty. I nodded, not too interested in the B-movie as Joey sat down to watch it and the two of us ran up stairs to hook up the Super Nintendo. Matt rummaged through his junk drawer to find a second controller and blew off the cartridge before plopping on the bed. I lay down beside him and a few levels later I was just about to overcome the depression that was clouding all my thoughts. We had made it all the way up to the first secret entrance of the Star Road, at the Boo House; when the door to his room slowly creaked open and Joey was standing there on the other side. "Jesus! Say something next time. Matt shouted to his brother. But Joey didn't respond. As the door opened all the way I saw a knife in Joey's hand. "Whoa, What the fuck. I said as I dropped the controller and stared at him. Joey didn't seem to register my surprise. He was holding the knife and then raised it and ran straight toward his brother. I jumped out of the way as I heard Matt scream out in surprise and horror as his brother started to use the knife against him. "Get him off me Scotty. Matt screamed loudly as Joey kept slamming the blade into his side, blood gushing on his sheets everywhere. I froze watching the scene for a moment, helpless and terrified to react as the act of brutal and senseless violence played out. Joey was giggling hysterically as he kept thrusting the blade into his brother over and over. Then my senses kicked in and grabbed up Joey, lifting him away from his brother. He started mumbling incoherently and tried to slash at my arms with the knife. "Get the knife! Stop him. I shouted to Matt. Dazed and covered in blood, Matt jumped up and twisted his brother's wrist, the weapon clattering to the floor as Joey kept struggling under my grip. I held him down on the ground and it took nearly all my strength to keep him from biting and scratching at me. Then suddenly he stopped and went limp as a doll, like he had blacked out. Matt stood over his brother, bloody and bruised and too confused to say a word and then collapsed on the bed as I stood up and felt the world spinning around me. I ran down stairs and dialed 911. Ten minutes later Matt's dad and other first responders were on the scene to get them both to the hospital. "What the hell happened here. Deputy Luke asked me as he shot me a glaring accusatory look. I was just sitting there trembling in the den, trying to make sense of this latest incident. "Hey! I'm talking to you! Did you fucking do this to those kids? Did you hurt my Henry. he snapped as he shoved me down on the couch. My butt hit the remote and the television came on as Mister Roland grabbed his officer off me. "Take a walk, Luke. he warned. Once the deputy was gone, the sheriff looked at me and remarked, I'm sorry to do this Scotty but I'll need to get you down to the station, get a statement. But I wasn't really listening to him. My focus was on the television screen where the image of the Godzilla movie had been replaced with something else. It was a black and white cartoon of some kind, but the same image over and over again. The mouse on the left was stabbing the big cat on the right. Stabbing and laughing hysterically as they did it. KH 330 Part IV.

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PART I Im not necessarily proud of what I do. I just happen to be really good at it. And I earn a lot of money. There is nothing stereotypical about my job. I kill people for a living. Thats the bare truth of it. But Im no psychotic or sociopath. Im very much sane …well, as sane as anyone who does this job is. Im a contract killer, so lets just call me John Stone. Theres nothing remarkable really about how I came to be doing what I do. You might think that its the typical ‘broken home, left with no choice scenario, but thats not it. I came from a comfortable upper middle-class family in Florida. I attended University there and I even graduated with honours. It was while in College I discovered my very special talent. There was a gun range a few of the guys liked to go to. I tagged along a few times and although hesitant at first, it soon became clear that I was a natural. I was a dead shot. And so my nickname from that day was ‘Dead-shot. Then came that fateful day when I really found my calling. A couple of the guys had organized a trip to a hunting reserve located in South Georgia. They catered for deer, hog and even turkey hunts. Four of us headed out. A guide joined my friends Josh, Peter and I. Josh loaned me a. 243 Winchester, which he said was a good rifle for beginners. About two hours into the hunt I was starting to get a bit flustered, bored out of my mind really, when our guide held his fist up, military style I thought. He urged all of us to crouch low. I heard a rustle in the bushes off to our right, but strained to see anything. And suddenly they came into view; a decent sized buck, leading two smaller deer, all three nibbling nervously at the grass around them. I couldnt breathe. What felt like waves of electricity coursed through me as my adrenaline levels spiked. The guide beckoned us forward, slowly. He whispered, ‘Ok boys, whose taking the shot? Josh and Peter had done this before, so they turned to me and said, ‘All yours buddy, with wistful smiles. At that same moment the buck lifted his head. Hed heard or sensed something and before we knew what was happening he bolted. Without thinking I stood up, worked the bolt action, instinctively tracking the path of the deer and fired! It dropped. We later discovered that I had hit it just behind the left ear. It was a shot of at least 100 yards at a moving target, and the guide was still boasting about it to his mates back at the main building. What no one knew was the total feeling of satisfaction, of utter accomplishment and peace that filled me. I had found my drug. I had found my calling. One thing led to another, and when the hunts no longer gave me the high I needed, I sought out a different type of satisfaction, fell in with the wrong sort of crowd, and the rest is history. I could go into all the gory details that ultimately led me to do what I do, but that's another story. I honed my skill, became adept in the martial arts and skilled in the use of knives, swords, bow …you name it. By the time I had reached 30 I had already taken out ten targets. Each purse bigger than the last. It was just what I did. And that brings me to what happened last fall, and why I will never take another contract in my life. My intermediary set up the meet. It was at a small café I knew in Jamaica, New York. It was just about twilight when I arrived, and spotted my potential client seated well to the back. He was a fidgety old man, looked about sixty, hair all grey and cropped low, with a hat on the table in front of him. He wore a dark coat; it was a bit brisk after all, with winter just starting to spread its fingers. I walked over and stood at his table. ‘Mr. Alexandru? ” I asked. He looked up, eyes darting from me to the other six or so customers in the café. In front of him was a cup of coffee, barely touched. He motioned for me to sit. I sat, staring at him in silence. As he was about to speak however the waitress came over. I ordered coffee myself, and some apple pie. As she walked away Alexandru followed her every step. Not a trusting fellow I thought. He placed a folder in front of me. Stone, he rasped, ‘this isnt your ordinary job, and I fear that you may think me a madman when I tell you of it, but I beg that you bear with me. ” I nodded and opened the folder. There was a photo of a very striking looking gentleman. Looked to be in his forties, a touch of grey blended into his side burns. He had a ruddy look, except for his full, pink lips. And then there were the coal black eyes. ‘He is known as Florin Propescu. I leaned back and started at the man opposite me, who now seemed as pale as milk. ‘He comes from my motherland, Romania. He has made quite a success for himself in America. But this is no ordinary businessman Mr. Stone. Propescu is much, much more than that. He is a fiend, hells own spawn, a, a…vampire. ” It was only the genuine fear I saw in Alexandrus face that kept me from falling off my chair in a fit of laughter. Even so, I could not prevent the sides of my mouth from curling upward. I cleared my throat, and realised I made a strained sound when I did. “You think me a madman? A fool? A few screws loose dont you Mr. Stone? ” I shook my head. “What I think Mr. Alexandru, is this is a damn joke, and I will strangle Jacobsen for wasting my fucking time. ” I pushed back my chair and was about to leave when he pulled a small briefcase that he had kept out of view under the table. Looking around to make sure no-one was looking in our direction he popped it open. ‘One million dollars Mr. One million now, and one million when, if, you should complete your assignment. I paused, looked at the stacks of brand new Benjamins. He might be mad, but his money certainly looked good. I sat back down. ‘Listen, you better not be jacking around with me…” He shoved the case over. ‘Its yours. ” “And what is it youd have of me? I questioned. “Propescu took my daughter. Its been three weeks and I pray that she is dead, because Mr. Stone, there are worse things than death. He pushed over a picture of a stunning young woman, flowing dark hair, olive complexion and soft brown eyes. ‘My Mariana. Gone, taken away. What I want Mr Stone, is for you to kill that beast once and for all. And, if you should find my Mariana, and if she be like him, then put a stake into her heart as well. ‘Did I just enter the fucking twilight zone? I wondered. The only thing keeping me there at that moment was the money. This dude had to be off his rocker. Clearly he and this Propescu individual had issues, and it seemed his daughter may have found herself a sugar daddy. Whatever happened this poor old sot seemed to have lost his marbles completely. But hey, if hes paying, its just another target. Easy money. “Ok, Mr. Alexandru. You have a deal. Ill need some further details and I expect to have the rest of my money ready upon completion. ” For the first time he forced a tiny smile, “Thank you, thank you Mr. Stone, and may God go with you. ” I dont think God wants anything to do with the likes of me I thought, and as I was walking away felt a hand grip my right arm. I turned to stare directly at Alexandru who now stood himself, “There are certain ways to kill Nosferatu Mr. Your conventional methods wont work. Learn the ways, for there are many truths hidden inside the legends that Stoker and others have written. Wood and fire. ” I tugged my arm free and walked out the café. How I wish I had just followed my instinct and told the old fart to go jump off a building. Its three weeks later. Taking out a mark is like taking any other test, you need to prepare. So I did my research into Florin Propescu. A recluse, but a rich one, which meant getting to him would not be easy. I tried to track his movements, learn his habits, but it was difficult. Propescu hardly left his house, which was heavily guarded, and when he did it was always in a heavily tinted SUV. He rarely patronized public restaurants and only occasionally appeared at social events, almost all after dark. Silly coincidence I thought. Nothing I had seen so far gave any credibility to Alexandrus fantasy that this man was a supernatural creature. Plus there was no sign of his daughter. I pushed that garbage from my mind. I needed to focus. My opportunity came soon after. Propescu would be attending an open air cocktail in Philly, starting again, just after dusk. The event location was perfect. It stood well away from buildings with lots of trees to help me gauge wind directions and speeds. I chose to set up my nest in an abandoned apartment complex which gave me easy access to the railway. A clean shot and a quick escape. The shot would have to be from a distance of about 1, 200 yards, but with little distraction, I wasnt worried. On the day of the event I settled in to my position early. I chose a. 300 Winchester for the job. The target would be a little beyond the 1, 000 yards that the Winchester is known for its accuracy, but with a few modifications, and my more than exceptional skill, I was confident that this was as easy as it gets. The guests started to arrive. The event was well lit. There were waiters milling about, the ‘whos who came out in their finery. I lay about four feet back from the window I had chosen. I was watching each guest walk in the entrance through my scope. The venue was almost filled and I had just started to think maybe my mark wont show up, when there he was. Propescu wore a tall hat. He was decked in flowing coat, and had a fashionable walking stick carved from what might have been dark oak. He sported a neat bow tie and red shirt, and was ushered in by two body guards, one on either side of him. He was one of those individuals you notice when they enter a room, and soon a line of admirers were floating over to him to shake hands, a kiss here and there, a nod. Slowly he faced my direction. I checked my indicators. Soon he loomed into sight. His face filled my scope. This was it. That familiar wave of electricity flowed through me. I controlled my breathing. One, two, three … as I pulled the trigger, I swear, he looked right at me! Looked right at me and smiled … then my slug tore a one inch hole right in the middle of his forehead. I saw the gore burst from the exit wound splattering a woman in a white gown just behind him. And then I packed my gun, and ran. Sitting in the dark of the railcar I had jumped into I replayed the incident over in my mind. Clean shot, right between the eyes. The target had gone down. Job over. So much for Alexandrus boogeyman. Later that night I messaged Jacobsen, informing him of the kill and letting him know that I expected the rest of the payment from our client. And then I went to bed, I could check the news tomorrow. My alarm went off at 6AM. As I rolled to turn it off I saw the message alert light on my phone. I picked it up and saw numerous missed calls from Jacobsen. I tossed the phone back on the bed figuring Id get to those after I brushed my teeth. I switched on the TV. Commercials were running so I walked over to the bathroom, leaving the door open so I could hear the TV and picked up my toothbrush. Soon the anchor came on and as expected, the story was all about the shooting. As he started reading the details I choked, and then gagged, almost throwing up. The words he said made no sense to me…... “And soon we will be joined live by New York businessman Florin Propescu. Mr. Propescu survived an attempt on his life at a social event in Philadelphia last evening, but fortunately escaped with minor injuries. ” ‘Minor fucking injuries my ass, I said out loud and hustled over to the TV. The anchor held his left hand up to his ear, “Ok, Im being told now we have a live link with Mr. Propescu in his home. ” And there he was! Florin Propescu filled the split screen to the right of the presenter. He was sitting on a sofa in an ornately decorated parlour. “Mr. Propescu. Thank you for joining us, ” I barely heard the anchor speak, my heart was beating so hard in my chest. I didnt hear the rest of what he asked, but then Propescu started to talk. “It is no problem, ” he said with a thick eastern accent, “I willingly make myself available to you. I do not believe in hiding. I do not believe in bowing to these cowards, especially ones with such poor aim. ” I winced! He continued, “We will give the police all our support. Because in the end, we will find you …, ” And he winked into the camera. Dead-shot? What the fuck! That was the nickname my college buddies called me. Very few people knew that name. Maybe it was a coincidence. But I doubted it. Right then, in that moment I believed it all. I believed what Alexandru told me. Whatever Propescu was, he wasnt human. And now he had my scent. So once more, I ran. Its been two weeks since that day. Right now Im in a small motel in little town called Lethem in Guyana. Ive been in South America for a week now. Im trying to get as far away from New York as possible. But last night I realised that it doesnt matter how far I go, it may not be far enough. Last night I was in the Guyanese capital of Georgetown, and as I was walking back to my hotel from getting supper, someone, some thing, came at me. My training is the only reason Im alive right now. My training, and the fact that I finally took Alexandrus advice and learnt all I could about how to kill vampires. The wooden knife I planted in the creatures chest seemed to work. It screamed and slowly desiccated in front of me. Luminous eyes, fangs and two inch claws all testament that this was not a human. In life it would have been a woman, long dark hair, features that resembled someone I would rather forget, Alexandru. Yes, so this was the fate that had befallen young Mariana. It was as her father had feared. “Well, at least I completed part of what you asked Alexandru”, I thought to myself. I left Georgetown right at that moment and travelled even deeper into depths of Guyana, but they have my location now. And night is coming. PART II Im still alive, if you were wondering. For the most part Ive avoided the things that Propescu sent after me, including the human ones. I killed one other creature after Mariana, and Im not even sure what it was, a sort of half breed I think, strong as hell. I emptied an entire clip from a. 357 SIG into the bastard, and that barely slowed him down. But it slowed him down enough for me to severe head from spine with the two-foot wakizashi I carried under the back of my coat. That did the job. Ive changed my hair colour, and grown a beard. Theres also a fresh scar on my face. I had a busy few days south of the border. Before my encounter with the half-breed, I had carefully called in a couple favours which led me to a modern day armorer in western Brazil. Lets call him Gomes, and you wont find him online. He caters to a very niche market. From Gomes I was able to get what I needed. A neat crossbow, small but powerful complete with 20 bolts crafted from Libidibia Ferrea, Brazilian Ironwood. The bolts needed to be blessed and sanctified by submerging each in holy water in order to be effective against Homo Nosferatu Vampiris. Thats what I did with the wooden knife. If you didnt do this, it was just wood. Thankfully I was in a place where the church didnt ask too many questions once the donation was big enough. I smiled at the irony of it. I hadnt gone to church in 20 years and when I finally did, it was for weapons to kill a vampire! Gomes it was who had made me the wakizashi along with a double-edged tsurugi. The swords were forged from spring steel mixed with chromium and silicon, none of that silver bullshit, which is just too soft. Although, I confess, I did have Gomes make me a five inch rounded silver dagger. I mean, you cant be too careful. Gomes even found me a few rounds of incendiary ammunition for my. 357 SIG. I knew I couldnt run forever; one of those things would get me eventually. There was only one way that this had any sort of positive ending, and if I had to die Id rather burn up than to fade away as they say! In fact with Propescu I might be lucky if I died at all, but Ill cross that bridge when I get to it. There are always ways to move about, secret networks forged over years of covert dealings whether by the cartels or by the government. You just needed the right access code and those pathways opened up taking you wherever you needed to be, which is how I ended up back in New York four days later, fresh credentials and all. I knew I couldnt get to Propescu directly; his estate was simply too heavily guarded. I had to draw him out. The prey would be luring out the predator. But there it was. It was what I had to do. Im sure Propescu was unaware that I was back in the country, but I didnt think that would hold for long. I had the element of surprise for now and whatever needed to be done, needed to be done quickly. In the three weeks before I took the ‘shot that ended my career, I had studied Propescus movements closely. There were few weaknesses to exploit, he had a regimented schedule and was always surrounded by armed guards. Armed guards and … the gaunt woman in the white dress. She was always there, maybe not at Propescus side, but always behind him, in the frame, or in the room, and always wearing white. Shit, now that I thought about it, she was the woman who got splattered behind him when I blew his brains out – a shot that should have killed the son of a bitch! Maybe I had my leverage. I bided my time and surveilled the gaunt woman. She would occasionally leave the property on her own, with two guards, sometimes one. She would do this during daylight hours also, so she could not be a vampire in the traditional sense. I did recall reading about ‘familiars. These are humans who had pledged themselves to the service of a vampire. This precious gem of info I gleaned from, well …a graphic novel called “Blade. Hey, I was in new territory and winging it ok. Besides, didnt Alexandru say there were kernels of truth hidden within the legends! My plan was simple; I would take the gaunt woman and hope it was bait enough to draw out Propescu. I had a safe space in Jersey where I could hunker down. This time, Id do the job right. It was a risk I was taking, a risk that she meant something to the vampire. But what choice did I have? As we know all too well however, plans dont always go the way you hope. My opportunity came as it happened, the very next day. A heavily tinted SUV left the compound with the gaunt woman in the back and with only one driver/bodyguard. I jumped on the Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 I had recently ‘acquired and fell in pursuit. Propescus compound was in the East Village, and had been in his ‘family since the early 19th century. 40 minutes later the SUV pulled into an alley alongside a quaint apothecary shop in Queens. I drew up a bit past the alley, got off the bike and quickly walked back. I got to the entrance just in time to see the gaunt woman enter a side door of the apothecary shop while the driver/bodyguard stood outside and waited. He was a big sumbitch, but Ive dealt with bigger. I just hoped he wasnt one of those half-breed things. I slipped quietly behind a dumpster where I could observe my quarry without being seen. About 20 minutes later the gaunt woman emerged from the side door, a small paper bag in hand and the door shut behind her. I moved quickly. I bolted toward the body guard, my. 357 in hand. Even as he reached into his coat I put one in his heart and one dead center of his forehead. The incendiaries burnt flesh, but it was just flesh after all, and by the time he fell I was already upon the gaunt woman. She was about to shout when I smashed the gun into the side of her head and she crumpled, dropping the paper bag to the ground. I secured her wrists with plastic ties and searched through the guards coat where I found the key fob for the SUV. I loaded the woman in and sped out the alley. Three blocks further down, I pulled into a small parking garage and jacked an old model Chevy. The gaunt woman was still out, and I didnt want to take the chance that the SUV had GPS. It was an hour or so before sunset when I pulled into the seemingly abandoned building in an old Newark industrial area. I drove the Chevy into the garage and lowered the doors. This little flat cost me a lot of money. It looked old and run down from the outside, but it boasted reinforced walls and doors, an encrypted communications and monitoring system, a small armory and CCTV covering every inch inside and out. I even had my own little holding cell, where I deposited my guest. By now Propescu would know what had happened, and shit was most certainly hitting the fan. I retrieved a small video camera and proceeded to record a short message featuring my guest prominently behind me. “Florin you undead asshole, ” I began, “I have something that belongs to you…” I said, hoping I hadnt pulled a blank, “If you want to see her in one piece again, then heres what you must do…... ” I sat mulling over my planned ambush. At the very worst, if he didnt give a shit about the gaunt woman I hoped to piss him off enough that he would most certainly come for me! When I had finished, I uploaded and sent the message, through encryption, direct to the bastards phone. Now for the hard part. Now I waited. A flutter in my peripheral vision caused me to draw the sidearm and bring it about. The gaunt lady was up. She sat on the small cot in the six by six cell, wrists bound in front of her and watched me. ‘Welcome back, I said, ‘want some water? ” I picked up a bottle and slowly walked over to the cell holding it out in front of me with my left hand, the pistol drawn but facing downward in my right. Still, she only stared, and I swear the look on her face was starting to annoy the shit out of me. She was gaunt to the point of being almost skeletal. Pale hair pulled back in a bun and tied. She had striking Native American features and sallow skin. It was difficult to determine her age; she could be twenty or forty. Her black eyes followed my every move, and still she remained silent. I walked up to the small opening in the front door of the cell and tossed the water, some primitive fear in the back of my mind that shed spring at me with preternatural speed. Nothing happened. She just stared. Didnt even fidget when the bottle landed on the cot. She watched me the way youd look at a dog that had been nabbed by dog-catchers. Pitying. I almost shot her right there. The minutes went by slowly, agonizingly. I sat on a stool facing the cell, back against the wall and closed my eyes. I didnt even realise I had drifted close to sleep, when a voice from in front of me startled me awake! I fell off the stool, rolled once to the right and came up with my SIG in both hands trained at the cell. The woman was standing now, holding on to the bars. He eyes were turned up, only white showing, but that wasnt the strangest thing. It was the voice. From her mouth came an unnatural sound, a mixture between a man and a womans voice, but the accent, well the accent Id heard before. Florin Propescu. I dont know whether to be angry or impressed. You have shown yourself to be both courageous and resourceful, if somewhat of a fool. You know this only has one ending Mr. Stone, and its not a happy one, not for you. In fact…” there was a pause, “I mean to give you my personal attention for that bullet you put in my head! ” A sigh, then, “Juliette, whose company you now keep, is dear to me yes, but not so dear as to be irreplaceable…. Stone, maybe you should answer your door. ” Propescus puppet smiled. Shit, I had been so focused on the strange voice coming from the gaunt woman I didnt notice the monitors. Even as she slumped to the floor of the cell - Propescu having taken his leave - I saw that I had problems. So the gaunt woman was linked to the vampire, a kind of human GPS. My bad for not having thought of something like that, but again, this was all new to me. I saw one of those black SUVs pull up to the house. Two of Propescus goons got out – just two Florin? Well as they say pride goeth before a fall. One of them opened the back door and out stepped Propescu himself. He was dressed in a dark, sleek suit complete with red shirt and black tie, dark glasses on and carrying the same walking stick I had seen before. He had black shoulder-length hair slicked back, coloured with flecks of grey. He stared at the camera and smiled, a smile surely designed to display the fangs that filled his mouth. Not two, as some of those old vampire movies featured; instead his mouth seemed brimming with teeth. Well, at least I got you out of your stinking hole you bastard. The air was suddenly filled with some weird chanting in a language I had never heard, it was like breaking glass searing into my brain. The gaunt woman was back on her feet staring directly at me, and where her eyes were white before, now there was only blackness. She seemed to be mouthing some incantation and I could feel myself starting to swoon. I fell to my knees shaking my head hard. It cleared enough that I saw the crossbow on the table in front of me. Instinct took over. I loaded, turned and fired all in one motion and from less than eight feet away the ironwood bolt crunched into her chest. She staggered backward. I reloaded and pumped two more bolts into her. Thick, black blood spurted from the wounds. It had a sickly, foul smell making me gag. I was just about to fire another bolt when I saw her shudder uncontrollably, with an unnatural violence. Then she fell flat on her back eyes glossing over, the same black goo running from the sides of her mouth. I knew she was dead when I heard the howl from outside. It was animalistic, wolf-like, a howl of pain and rage mixed into one, and I knew Propescu was coming for me, coming for me right now. I slung the tsurugi across my back and tied the wakizashi down my left thigh. The wooden dagger was strapped across the left side of my chest and the SIG was tucked into the small of my back. I carried the crossbow in my hands. I had a number of other weapons in the small armory I kept here but Im not sure what good they would do. I did retrieve a couple of frag grenades though and slipped them into my pocket. Well, if this was to be the end, then I would make it one bloody son of a bitch I thought. There was a heavy thud at the door to the rear, where the small kitchenette was. This was followed by steady pounding. That door was made of one-inch reinforced steel, but it sounded like the biggest sledge hammer in the world was being thrown at it. I sprinted to the door and slid open the four inch square peep hole I had built into it. I poked the SIG through and held down the trigger sending a full clip of incendiaries into the hulking bastard standing at the back. I slammed the peep hole shut and looked back at the monitor covering the back of the house to see the creature clutch at what was left of its face. There were flames bursting through his fingers, and soon his entire head exploded! I smiled with grim satisfaction, but that had been my last clip of incendiary. Almost before the thing hit the ground his place had been taken by the other one. There was no sign of Propescu. Suddenly, silence. The pounding stopped leaving only a ringing in my ears. I looked at the monitors. I could see no one. Then – one by one – the cameras started to go down. Soon I was staring at blank monitors. The bastards had taken away my electronic eyes. I was still brooding over this when I heard an explosion from the back, just as a wall of air slammed me against the wall. Stunned I scrambled to a crouching position, my brain finally registering that one of these animals had brought along some good old C4. The smoke was still clearing when ‘unnatural goon number two came rushing in. He was big, over six feet tall and although he too wore a dark suit, it was easy to tell he was built like The Rock under it. His eyes though, they were as black as those of Juliette, who now lay in a bloody mess in the cell. He spotted me crouched in the corner and moved like lightning. The crossbow was still in my hand and I fired. He took it in the chest, but kept coming. Before I could reload I felt clammy but powerful fingers close on my shoulders and I was lifted up and flung across the room. I smashed into the table holding the monitoring equipment sending sparks and electronics flying everywhere. I lost my grip on the crossbow. I could feel something warm started to flow down the side of my head soaking into my new beard. My bottom lip was torn open and a lump was already rising on the top of my head. He came at me again. The goon was raining blows down on me and I was only just managing to fend them off when one landed on the left side of my face. Stars swam before me as I felt the bone crunch. I pulled my legs up under me and kicked out sending the bastard whirling. Blood flowed from my face now. It was a minor respite, but it allowed me to yank the wakizashi free of its scabbard. Snarling he came at me again, flexing the fingers in both hands and as he pounced upon me I brought the short sword up. It impaled him through the abdomen exiting from his upper back. The man-thing snarled at me, baring his teeth and I twisted the blade working it back and forth. It got his attention. He pulled away, the blade coming free with a sucking, popping sound. I tried to move in for the kill but my left leg gave from under me and I almost fell over. There was a deep gash just above the knee. It saved my life. The creature slashed at the empty air where my head was a moment before. Its momentum carried it past me and I seized the chance. Dropping the short sword I drew the tsurugi from across my back and brought the double-edged blade up to meet its neck. The cut was clean. The head went spinning into a corner while the rest of its body convulsed on the floor, spewing that black, foul substance all over me. This time I did throw up. I had just brought my hand up to wipe my mouth when the world erupted into a blinding light followed only by blackness. I awoke to the smell of smoke, putrescence and blood. I was lying on the asphalt behind my now breached stronghold; black gore smeared me, mixed with my own blood. The dark sky loomed overhead; there were stars out despite the cold. It was as good a night to die as any I thought, and then the pain lanced through what felt like my entire body. I winced and brought my hand up to my head, slowly sitting up. I was aware of a dark shadow off to my left, but I was not going to give that son of a bitch the pleasure of seeing me weak. It took great effort but I eventually got to my feet. From behind me came a chuckle. Stone, Mr. So much effort, for what? You think this gives your death meaning? You think youve accomplished something? ” I felt a whoosh and suddenly he was in front of me, barely one foot away. His mouth seemed unnaturally wide, dozens of sharp, serrated teeth peering out as he opened and closed it. His complexion was pallid, only the red lips stood out. His eyes were doglike, changing colour it seemed, from yellow to red to orange. He smelled great though …what was that? Chanel Grand? His breath was another story altogether. It smelled of decay. “Well Mr. Stone, ” he said, his voice rising in pitch ‘you have my attention. Is this what you want? Is it? ” The eyes were now tiny points of red, the mouth convulsed becoming almost snout-like. There was slimy drool running down the sides. I retreated, one step, two, three … he was upon me. I threw myself back but his arms enveloped me pinning my left arm to my body, and as we both fell I felt those teeth sink into my left shoulder. I tried to scream, but no sound came, my throat locked by a terror Id never known. God help me. For all my adult life I had avoided taking up your name and I dont deserve an ounce of your pity Lord but the pain, it was excruciating. Tears welled up in my eyes and I felt them run down my cheek. It was as if someone was sawing into my shoulder while pouring acid into the wound at the same time. The slurping sounds almost made me throw up again. That was my blood, my life being drawn out. Propescu pulled his head away, lifted it high up to the sky and inhaled deeply as I felt bits of flesh go with it. The next time he brought it down it would be to take my life. Desperately I reached out with my free right hand, and then I remembered, like a bulb in my head. I brought up my right leg and reached into the boot. I looked up to see that cavern of teeth dip toward me once more, but instead of finding flesh it found five inches of silver dagger, buried to the hilt from under the chin up into the brain. The vampire screamed. It screamed and blood flowed from its mouth. The edges of the wound simmered, like someone throwing bacon into very hot oil. Propescu pushed himself off and away from me and grabbed at the dagger with fingers that now resembled seven inch talons. He could not get a decent grip and screamed again. The dagger hurt him, but it did not look like it would kill the creature. With every ounce of effort I stood up. He was starting to work it free. I felt panic coming on. But then I felt something else. Something that was burning the left side of my chest. I shook away the cobwebs, it was the wooden dagger. Blessed and sanctified by a South American priest, baptized with the blood of Mariana. I drew it out, just in time to see the vampire turn. Hed gotten the silver dagger out, and he wanted to finish this. I drew a deep breath, and anticipating his lunge I opened my body up, letting his momentum bring him into me and I drove the wooden blade into his heart. “Thats for Mariana you fucking devil! ” I screamed as I threw myself to the ground and rolled as far as I could. Propescu had carried on a few feet past me, so I could not see his face. He appeared to be clutching at his chest, but strangest of all, he made no sound, not like when I stabbed him with the silver dagger. My heart fell, hopelessness creeping in. Did I miss? I was just about to resign myself that there was nothing more I could do, when it came. It started softly at first, like a kettle building up steam, but soon I had to cover my ears. The scream was unearthly, reaching a pitch no normal creature could attain. I saw Propescu begin to shudder violently, with what looked like pieces of him flying in all directions. Slowly he started sinking to the ground, like one of those blow up plastic men when you let the air out. Then the smell hit me, like all the putrid things rolled into one, and for the second time that night I threw up. Propescu was lying flat now, and even as he ‘melted he turned his head to me, hate in those red eyes, but it was a dimming light. The skin and flesh started falling off the face, running like a thick mixture. Soon I saw the skull, and the rows of teeth, decaying now, teeth that had left a hole in my left shoulder and had taken how many countless lives. Soon, there was nothing but black dust, swept away by the night wind. And so the vampire Propescu met its end, in a semi-abandoned old industrial complex in Newark, New Jersey. I heard sirens off in the distance. Maybe our little escapade had gotten someones attention. I tossed both grenades into the safe house and ducked behind the SUV as they went off. The fire would hopefully destroy anything incriminating, it was the best I could do right now. I slipped behind the wheel and texted Jacobsen, my intermediary. It was just before dawn when I pulled into the driveway of the house on 104th Avenue. I got out the black SUV I was driving and slowly, painfully walked up to the front door. I had patched up my shoulder and leg as best as I could, but I had lost a lot of blood, and I felt as if Id been run over by a train, by two trains actually. The sun broke over the horizon pushing away the darkness. I suppose in time Id find out which one of the stories was true, whether you turned when you were bitten or whether you had to ingest the blood of the vampire; for now I just enjoyed the light on my face. There were certain matters to attend to however and I rang the doorbell. “Who is it? ” It came from the intercom at the side of the door. “Good morning, ” I said. “This is John Stone Mr. Alexandru, and I believe …that you owe me a million dollars! ” END.

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