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Hatyara is a movie starring Vinod Khanna, Moushumi Chatterjee, and Rakesh Roshan. Daulat Singh and Bhairav Singh are bandits in India and live a violent lifestyle. Daulat is married to Shanta and has two children, Vijay and Geeta Genre: Crime actors: Pran Shridhar Prasad director: Surendra Mohan Hatyara Rated 9.2 / 10 based on 552 reviews.






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Home Movies Hatyara Hatyara Release Year - 1998 # 1 Dil aur mandir ek jaise hote hai... nah mandir se koi murat hatai ja sakti hai... aur na hi dil mein basi hui surat bhulai ja sakti hai A heart and a temple are like each other... an idol cannot be removed from a temple... and neither can a face settled in the heart be forgotton 14 # 2 Bade bade khatarnako ki nak kaat kar apne jeb mein rakh li hai I have cut the nose of very dangerous people and kept it in my pocket 11 # 3 Jab bhi mera khoon behta hai... toh mujhe meri maa ke rone ki awaaz sunai deti hai... aur joh maa ko rulata hai... main usse nahi chhodta, chahe woh mard ho yah aurat Whenever I bleed... then I hear the crying voice of my mother... and the one who makes a mother cry... I don't leave him, whether he is a man or a woman 7 # 4 Maarkar lashein aaisi gandi jagah pehkoonga... jahan janwar bhi marna pasand nahi karte I will kill and throw the dead bodies in such a dirty place... where even animals don't like to die 5 # 5 Teri maut bankar aaya hoon... teri laash girakar jaoonga I have come as your death... and I will drop your dead body and go 2 # 6 Glass mein sharab daalne waala bada nahi hota... bada toh woh hota hai jiske glass mein sharab daali jaati hai The person who pours alcohol in the glass is not a big person... the person in whose glass alcohol is poured, is the big person 2 # 7 Aaj ke baad aane waala har pal... tum dono ke dil ki dhadkan par hathoda bankar barsega After today every moment that comes for both of you... it will fall as a hammer on your heartbeats 2 # 8 Sar se pair tak toh hum khud hi bure hai... hamare liye buri khabar kya ho sakti hai I am myself bad from head to toe... there can't be any bad news for me 1 # 9 Aaj main tujhe aaisa tamasha dikhaonga... ki duniya ke saare villian zulm karna bhool jayenge I will show you such an entertainment today... that all the villians of the world will forget cruelty 1 # 10 Yeh khoobsurat rishteydari ke peeche... makkari aur chaalbazi ke sivah kuch nahi hota Behind this beautiful relationship... there is nothing but deceitfulness and canniness 1 # 11 Jiska saara shehar dushman ho... usse dosti karne ka hum mein koi interest nahi One who has the entire city as his enemy... I have no interest in befriending him 1 # 12 Tu toh us pagal kutte ki tarah bhaukne laga hai... jisse pagal hone ke baad charon taraf se maut nazar aati hai You have started to bark like the mad dog... who sees death everywhere after going mad 1 # 13 Tu toh khoon is tarah karta hai jaise bachche khilona todh dete hai... bus fark itna hai ki woh khilona todhne ke baad rote hai aur tu khoon karne ke baad hasta hai You kill just like kids break toys... the only difference is that they cry after they break the toy and you laugh after you kill 1 # 14 Maut ko aane ke liye patta nahi poochna parta Death does not have to ask for the address before it comes 0 # 15 Jahan faulaad bhi kaam nahi aata, wahan kali kaam aati hai... apne husn ki chamak se, dushman ko andha banati hai Where a man of steel is of no use, there a girl can be of use... she uses the shine of her body, to turn the enemy blind 0.

Даулат Сингх был разбойником. Однажды на Дивали он случайно убил человека, осиротив его жену и сына. Потрясенный случившимся, Даулат сдается в полицию, оставив на воле жену, сына Виджея и дочь Гиту. Деньги, зарабатываемые в тюрьме, он отправляет вдове и сыну убитого им человека. Благодаря примерному поведению, через 14 лет его выпускают на волю… Знаете похожие фильмы? Порекомендуйте их... Порекомендуйте фильмы, похожие на « » по жанру, сюжету, создателям и т. д. * внимание! система не позволяет рекомендовать к фильму сиквелы / приквелы — не пытайтесь их искать Отзывы и рецензии зрителей Добавить рецензию...

Hatyara 1998 | Full Hindi Movie | Mithun Chakraborty, Swati, Rami Reddy, Mukesh Rishi - video dailymotion. Anil (Sivabalaji) is a film director who used to shoot some albums. His sister falls sick and takes treatment in a hospital but continues to be in a state of shock. As per the doctor's (Saratbabu) advice, Anil decides to bring out his next album on 'fear'. A girl called Chitra (Madhushalini) meets him with the help of Anil's assistant director. The unit goes to a dilapidated bungalow and during the night, the assistant director gets killed. The unit members tell ACP Chatterjee (Asish Vidyarthi) who comes for investigation that a ghost killed him. Accidentally he finds the ghost, which leads him to a skeleton, where he finds a locket containing Anil's photograph. In order to find the details, he meets Sivaswamy (Ramireddy), who brings the ghost to their forefront. Chatterjee comes to know that the ghost is none other than Anil's love Bhanumati (Nikhita), who gets killed by Anil. As the investigation goes on, Chatterjee comes to know that Anil's sister is in a hospital. The investigation further takes a twist when he comes to know that Anil planned to kill his sister. Then Chatterjee suspects that Anil's next target is Chitra and by the time he reaches there, Chitra also gets killed. Then the ACP alerts the doctor that Anil sister's life is in peril. Somehow, the ACP saves her life and reveals all the follies of Anil and that he is suffering from a psychiatric disease. Finally, the audiences come to know that Anil cannot bear deceit by anyone, whether it is his blood relation or love or a friend. He believes that Bhanu cheated him as he finds her in a compromising position with someone and kills her. But in fact, it is not Bhanu, but her friend Ramya. In the same way, he wanted to kill his sister as he suspects that she was doing prostitution, when he finds condoms in her handbag. But the fact is that she saved some prostitute and mistakenly takes that girl's bag instead of hers. The story ends with the hero realizing his follies.